From “dirty feet” to “clean and neat”

  • The SockDock® is a simple & easy-to-use sock organising system designed to wash, dry, and store socks so that you never have to pair socks again after washing
  • Each SockDock holds nine pairs of socks (18 pairs with a pack of 2)
  • One for Clean socks - One for Dirty socks or why not have One for each member of the family's dirty socks for laundering

Just three easy steps:

  1. Hang the SockDock in a cupboard or on a door knob - Pull on the end of the SockDock with one hand and space out the round buckles with the other hand
  2. Add socks – Add first pair of socks between the bottom two round buckles. When the SockDock is full detach the “foot hanger” and toss into the washer and tumble dry or hang to dry
  3. Hang clean socks in closet/door knob or store conventionally and start adding dirty socks again ready for washing day

Sold as Single item or in Pairs




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