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Annique Skin Questionnaire

Friday 27th January 2017

Annique Skin Questionnaire

1. What does your skin look like in the morning?

A. Dull – blotchy – sallow (pale)

B. Normal and /or shiny in certain areas

C. Pimples – breakouts & shiny or greasy

D. Normal to red

E. Radiant complexion with no visible pores

2. How does your skin FEEL during the day?

A. Dry and even tight

B. Normal with a few exceptions

C. Dirty and greasy

D. Irritated - itchy – burning or warm

E. Normal

3. How often do you like to wash your face?

A. When necessary – soap makes skin itch / burn

B. Twice a day

C. All the time – never feels clean for long

D. Not often – skin burns to quickly

E. Once to twice a day

4. How does your make-up look by mid-day?

A. Tends to look dull & flaky or irritates skin easily

B. Good but need to re-apply powder on T-zone

C. Re-apply powder often/skin shiny MU disappears

D. Not wear much – reactions – burns – irritates

E. Good – re-apply only lipstick

5. How often do you get a breakout?

A. Never

B. Sometimes just in some areas

C. Often

D. If I do its often small red bumps that are sore – itch – burn

E. Rarely.

6. What is your biggest concern

A. Fine lines – premature aging – skin feels dry

B. Nothing really

C. Pimples – blackheads – shine

D. Skin is irritated & can react to any products

E. I do not have a big concern

7. If you could only use one product which would it be?

A. Moisturiser

B. Does not really matter

C. Cleanser – preferably a gel or soapy stuff

D. Depends which product will not react to

E. My favourite one or something special

8. What does your skin looks like /feel after washing?

A. Dry – dehydrated – tight – dull – flaky

B. Dry and oily in some areas or mostly normal

C. It is the only time it is not shiny

D. Itchy – red – burning – irritated

E. Rosy cheeks

9. How often do you feel need to apply moisturiser

A. More than once a day

B. More on cheeks or only once a day

C. Do not want to due to oiliness

D. Depends on how sensitive my skin is feeling

E. Average of once a day

10. Describe your T-Zone

A. Dry like rest of my face - with fine pores

B. Oily & shiny with open pores

C. Definite problem area: greasy/oily/large open pores

D. The least sensitive area of my face

E. No Visible pores

Mostly A's

Dry/Dehydrated skin

Use Lucid Products


Mostly B’s

Normal/Combination skin

Use Hydrafine Products


Mostly C’s

Oily/Problem Skin

Use Synergy/Face Facts Products


Mostly D’s

Sensitive/Allergic Skin

Use Sensi Cream - Miracle tissue Oil - ResQue Cream

Mostly E’s

Normal Skin

Use Hydrafine Products

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